New guidelines and advice relating to Covid-19.

Coronavirus – COVID19

COVID 19 policy – 30th June 2020


Preparing for your holiday in Althea House

Your safety and well-being is very important to us, now more than ever. In response to coronavirus we have carefully reviewed our housekeeping procedures and put a range of special measures in place. Please note the following:

Revised check-in and check-out time; To give us more time to clean and sanitise more safely check-in times will be 4.00pm and check-out times will be 10.00am until further notice. 

Removal of non-essential items: Some difficult-to-clean and high-touch items will have been removed from Rafters and Driftwood. These may include throws and cushions, games, DVDs and other items that are non-essential. If there is any specific item or facility listed on our website that you have a question about, please contact us by email.

Provisions and shopping: We are expecting most of our local shops to be open, and we do want you to use them of course because we love you to support our Cornish retailers —  but do plan ahead to avoid wasting precious holiday time in queues and bring items that are currently in high demand with you.

Anti-viral surface cleaning: The heavily used surfaces and high-touch items in your holiday home will be sanitised using appropriate products. Items include but are not limited to; work surfaces, table tops, remote controls, light stitches and cord pulls, hair driers, door handles, appliances, key-safes, bathroom fittings. In addition to our usual rigorous cleaning regime we will be using an electrostatic sprayer to help ensure that all surfaces are disinfected. The disinfectant is non toxic and eco friendly.

Safety during your stay: Please stay alert to coronavirus while on holiday, whether in your accommodation or out and about:

In the event of you or any member of your party displaying symptoms before you travel, please do not travel. In the event of one of your party displaying symptoms whilst in Padstow the whole party should return safely home as soon as possible as per Government Guidelines. Any fees arising will need to be born by the guest.

Safer check-out: When it’s time to go there are four essential things we need you to do for us. These will help to ensure the safety of our housekeepers, and the next guests:

  • Empty all bins, bag, seal and put out all your own waste.
  • Leave on time by 10am — we will need every minute to prepare as safely as possible for the next guests.
  • Let us know if any of your party has experienced any symptoms of Covid-19 including high temperature or persistent cough.

Thank you very much for your support in working with us on this we look forward to welcoming you to Althea House.